Growth and development services

Turku Science Park Ltd’s Growth and development services guide your company in the various areas of growth and development. We offer your company support for developing your business, enhancing R&D activities and organizing finance. We help to build new co-operation and to find find competent personnel.

We collaborate with the local universities, universities of applied sciences, financiers, companies, and R&D organisations. Our large regional, national and international network is available for your company.

Towards new opportunities

We promote the building of industry-specific testing and development environments and the event, networking and project activities related thereto. The goal is to generate new business operations, strengthen the growth, and co-operation of spearhead fields, as well as promoting the development of the region as a business environment.

Growth and development services also aim to facilitate the forwarding of public sector customers to private companies and forwarding the business needs to universities.

Further information:

Marko Puhtila, Director
Growth and development services
Tel. +358 40 550 9560
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