Internationalisation services

Turku Science Park Ltd’s internationalisation services focus on building partnerships between Finnish and foreign players, providing internationalisation training, and finding financing sources that support internationalisation.

You can utilise Turku Science Park Ltd’s programmes and projects which often focus on the emerging markets and exports. One channel for building sales and partnerships is provided by the international events in spearhead industries, especially exhibitions and partnering and B2B events. We participate in the key events and conferences in spearhead industries where possible – often together with our customers aiming at international markets.

Partners around the world...

In partner search you can use the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) which operates in about 50 countries, also outside the EU. Through the Business Contact Database you can find an international partner for technology purchasing, sales or licensing, and create a profile for your company in the EEN database.

In China, you also have access to the free of charge services of Turku Region’s Tianjin office for Finnish SMEs. Tianjin is Turku’s twin city and a major growth centre in North China. 

We also provide advice and information on entering the Russian markets and developing international operations.

Further information on internationalisation services can be found on the Businessturku website.

...and from the world to Finland

Turku Science Park Ltd is also responsible for the Turku region’s invest in activities. We offer the Turku region as a location to both domestic and foreign companies and serve businesses that are interested in relocating in our region. Our goal is to find competitive solutions that meet their needs as comprehensively as possible.

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Internationalisation services
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