17.9. 2013 BioTurku®

Registration and abstract submission open for the 2nd Spotlight on Diagnostics

Last year was the starting point for the Spotlight on Diagnostics conference. This year will mark the second installment of this international symposium focusing on recent developments in diagnostics. As a foretaste of evolving applications, two Turku-based companies, Appy and Aurexel have created a new mobile application for convenient access to all the information and material related to the event. Users have the possibility to access the app via their smartphones and tablets.

Division of Biotechnology at the University of Turku organized the Spotlight on Diagnostics symposium in 2012 to commemorate the Division’s 20th birthday, and the event turned out to be a tremendous success. This year marks the second international symposium in the Spotlight series, as the Division of Biotechnology and the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) in collaboration with the Indo-Finnish Diagnostic Research Center (IFDRC) and DIA-NET graduate school organize The Second Spotlight on Diagnostics – Evolving Applications symposium on November 20-22, 2013 in Turku.

 The forthcoming symposium will take place in Mauno Koivisto centre. It focuses on recent developments in diagnostics with a spotlight on the possibilities and challenges related to personalized medicine, point-of-care testing and the diagnostics of cancer and infectious and cardiovascular diseases. Students and researchers are encouraged to submit an abstract for the symposium poster session.

Accompanying the symposium, there will be a commercial exhibition presenting several life science companies and their latest products and technologies. The symposium is also part of the annual DIA-NET Doctoral Programme Biotechnology in Health and Disease course (BTEK1034), and students can receive 1 ECTS credit by actively participating in the symposium. Also, a CV clinic for students and researchers will be organized, and you are invited to follow the symposium webpage for updated information on the clinic.

- This year we are happy to introduce a conference application for your smartphone. It is a convenient way to explore the program, submit your abstract and register, all in one place, tells Dr. Sanna Käkönen from the organizing committee.

You can install the app at http://sod.aurexel.com/. All the relevant information, e.g. deadlines for poster abstracts and registration can also be found at http://www3.utu.fi/alumni/yhdistykset/biotekalumnit/Tapahtumat.html.