10.4. 2014 BioTurku®

ArcDia Receives Frost & Sullivan Award for Point of Care Product Leadership

ArcDia International Ltd has announced the reception of the European Respiratory Infection Disease Point of Care Product Leadership Award 2014 from Frost & Sullivan.

Frost & Sullivan granted the award for Turku-based ArcDia’s mariPOC product line. Frost & Sullivan has recognized mariPOC as the leading product in rapid diagnostics testing of acute respiratory infectious diseases. ArcDia’s mariPOC is an automated continuous-feed analyser, which allows prompt detection of most common viral and bacterial pathogens responsible for influenza-like infections and tonsillitis both in POC and laboratory settings.

Challenging conventional tests

According to Frost&Sullivan, mariPOC provides a range of benefits which can boost customer value in hospitals and primary care centers. mariPOC product is easy-to-use and it delivers results in 20 minutes, thereby eliminating repeated patient visits. Frost & Sullivan’s market analysis suggests that mariPOC has the potential to replace conventional rapid and laboratory antigen tests. mariPOC can easily be connected to laboratory information systems making it one of the most compelling offerings on the market today.

mariPOC was launched in 2010 and It has received an excellent response from doctors and patients using the test system in hospitals. Not surprisingly, ArcDia has been able to significantly expand its sales network to cover 26 countries in Europe and the Middle East. More new test applications are to be introduced by ArcDia to support market requirements to meet unmet clinical needs.

“Receiving the Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award is proof that our mariPOC respiratory infectious diseases system is recognized by professionals,” says Jesper Floyd Kristiansen, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of ArcDia. “2013 was the year of international break through for mariPOC® in terms of expansion of our distribution network. Interestingly, this leadership award overlaps in timing with ArcDia’s launch of the world’s first antigen test for Bocavirus, both of which show leadership in product innovation”, says Kristiansen.

About Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan is in its 50th year of business with a global research organization of 1,800 analysts and consultants who monitor more than 300 industries and 250,000 companies. The company’s research philosophy originates with the CEO’s 360-Degree Perspective, which serves as the foundation of its TEAM Research™ methodology. This unique approach enables us to determine how best-in-class companies worldwide manage growth, innovation and leadership.

About mariPOC®

mariPOC  provides multianalyte diagnostic results for influenza-like illnesses and tonsillitis in near patient settings in 20 minutes. The mariPOC applications are targeted for acute respiratory infections, the most common infectious disease on Earth. mariPOC is superior in performance compared to the conventional test methods, including lateral flow rapid tests and standard bacterial culture. mariPOC is designed to improve patient management and quality of health care, and it allows timely pathogen-specific diagnostics and medication.

About ArcDia

ArcDia International Ltd is the manufacturer of mariPOC, the world’s first multianalyte point-of-care diagnostics test for respiratory tract infections. In the future, the company will develop additional point-of-care tests based on its proprietary ArcDia™ TPX detection technology. Currently, ArcDia is actively seeking business partners for further market expansion.