12.6. 2014 Muut uutiset

LOURA cities renew their co-operation agreement with Brazilian Pernambuco

Intercity Collaboration of South West Coast of Finland (LOURA) cities Turku, Uusikaupunki, Rauma and Pori have signed a new co-operation agreement with the Brazilian state Pernambuco. With this agreement the cities continue co-operation which started in 2011 with one of the fastest growing states in Brazil.

The agreement is being signed by Minister of Science and Technology Jose Bertotti and Chairman of the Turku City Board Minna Arve. (Photo: Arto Takala)

”In few years we have succeeded in creating mutually beneficial co-operation. The initiatives of universities and other higher education institutions aim to promote the export possibilities of especially marine and metal industries in Brazil. A few Finnish companies have already found Pernambuco,” states Chairman of the Turku City Board Minna Arve.

The City of Pori considers co-operation as important because of the export possibilities of marine and offshore industries.

”The city wants to specifically encourage SMEs to participate boldly in international subcontractor networks. We are happy that our co-operation has been acknowledged also by the state administration. We are a national example of promotion of fruitful co-operation with strategically important Brazil. Diversified co-operation between different organizations has been done since the beginning with a ‘Team Finland’ spirit,” says Mayor of Pori Aino-Maija Luukkonen.