4.12. 2014 BioTurku®

HyTest Cardiac Marker Award for Professor Paul Collinson

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, and to show the appreciation for the scientific work behind improvements in cardiac disease diagnosis, HyTest Ltd launched HyTest Cardiac Marker Award in the beginning of year 2014. The winner is professor Paul Collinson.

Professor Paul Collisons, the winner of HyTest Cardiac Marker Award.

Turku-based HyTest Ltd honored to have five highly respected scientists in the jury of this awardand the shortlistwas announced in a Workshop arranged during the AACC meeting in Chicago in the end of July. 

Now the HyTest Cardiac Marker Award winner has been announced. Winner of the grand prize, $20,000 is Professor Paul Collinson from St. George’s, University of London and St. George’s Healthcare NHS Trust.

His doctoral thesis was on the early diagnosis of AMI with subsequent work on the pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of acute coronary syndromes. A special interest of his is in the cost economics of cardiac care and point of care testing.

Professor Collinson introduced and developed cardiac troponin and B type natriuretic testing in the UK and has provided expert advice to the UK National Institute for Health Excellence (NICE) guideline groups for Chest Pain, Chronic and Acute Heart failure. He has worked with National and International cardiac biomarker groups for EFLM and IFCC and worked on National and International audits of cardiac biomarker testing.

Professor Collinson has published over 220 papers and review articles, over 240 abstracts and 15 book chapters.

The HyTest Cardiac Marker Award will be presented in the Award Ceremony followed by a lecture "A Cardiac Saga" by Prof. Collinson, on 12 January, 2015 in Turku, Finland.