9.4. 2015 Blogi

What SparkUp?

The doors of SparkUp are planned to open in autumn 2015, writes Sonja Nylander.


The services offered to companies by the City of Turku are in transition. Being built under the supervision of Turku Science Park Ltd, SparkUp is one example of the upcoming changes. We will tell more about the future plans for the gradually starting operations later, but in this blog entry I’m giving you a glimpse of what’s coming.

In short, SparkUp comprises of services directed at companies in initial and growth phases, and premises to be set up in ElectroCity. The underlying idea is the power of co-operation. The parties behind SparkUp are the City of Turku, Turku Science Park Ltd, Turku Technology Properties Group, Turku Region Development Centre, Potkuri, Åbo Akademi University, Turku University of Applied Sciences, and the University of Turku. Quite a selection of different players, don’t you think? And who said that the people in Turku are uncooperative?

Kick off in autumn!

SparkUp creates a path from idea to enterprise and growth, providing support along the way. The SparkUp premises will house Boost Turku association, business incubator Creve, as well as Turku Science Park’s services for start-up companies. Our purpose is to give the companies access to experts with a very low threshold, and offer various events for people with entrepreneurial spirit as well as new and existing growth-seeking SMEs. Boost Turku acts as a start-up accelerator for students, while Turku Science Park and Creve offer strong business incubator know-how.

At present, the key players Boost Turku, Creve and Turku Science Park Ltd are devising SparkUp’s service plan and communication. At the same time, Turku Technology Properties Group is envisioning splendid new premises in ElectroCity. The building staff is working hard and the project is proceeding on schedule: the doors are planned to open in autumn 2015. The SparkUp website is under construction and information is being spread around, so keep your eyes open!

Sonja Nylander

The writer encourages and inspires SparkUp activities at Turku Science Park Ltd.