4.7. 2016 Blogi

Holiday hustle and bustle

”If your working days are filled with new people, ideas and events, taking a holiday may sound a little… dull.” Read how Sonja Nylander has made sure that she won’t be bored on her summer holiday.

Although the speed will not slow down in SparkUp in the summer, yours truly Community Facilitator will take a holiday this year, and proper one at that! When I joined the company last year I had just four days of vacation, so the whopping 28 days now sounds like a really long time! Such a long time that I’m actually taking only two weeks off… but a holiday is a holiday!

But what to do on such a long holiday? If your working days are filled with new people, ideas and events, taking a holiday may sound a little… dull. Luckily I have been preparing for this big holiday throughout the spring: already in February my boyfriend and I went to our first gypsum casting course, and in May our skills were put to a test at a weekend course in concrete casting. So when the holiday starts, the two of us will head to the summer cottage with many sacks of cement. Relatives beware! At Christmas you can expect a number of concrete candleholders, cups, plates, boots, statues etc.

Of course we also have a more important agenda for making candleholders for the dark evenings of the autumn – there are great events coming up in SparkUp in the autumn, but in my personal life the biggest party will take place in September when we’re getting married at the Pukkila manor in Salo. The preparations have proceeded smoothly: the partners in Salo have given me the best advice on the services in the Salo region, and when I was looking for a fifties-style hairdresser, I happened to bump into the girls from accounting firm Tili-Seno, all dressed in the 50s style. The flowers have been ordered from the Turku Science Park area’s trusted florist Bronco, and the mode map will be sent to the florist as a Pinterest board – so convenient! So here I am sitting somewhat confused and waiting for the wedding stress to set in…

I can go on holiday confidently, because SparkUp is right now running Boost Turku’s StartUp Journey directed especially at students, and the teams have been just great and independent. When I come back to the office, the Demo Day of StartUp Journey will be close – everyone should come and listen to what kinds of teams have been incubated during the summer. There won’t be much time to rest before the BusinessUp accelerator programme starts in September. So now is the right time to take a break!

I wish a wonderful summer to everyone and let’s keep in touch!

Sonja Nylander
The writer is SparkUp’s energetic Community Facilitator who will get married in September.