24.11. 2011 BioTurku®

GC acquires Stick Tech Ltd

The Japanese GC Corporation is one of the world's leading dental product manufacturers with its 54 subsidiaries and sales offices. This year they are celebrating the 90th anniversary. With this acquisition
GC gets an access to Stick Tech's present R&D projects and gains a unique portfolio of everStick fibre reinforcements to its fine assortment of dental materials.

Stick Tech Ltd was founded in 1997 in Turku, Finland. Since then, it has developed a unique fibre reinforcement composite technology and commercialised a wide range of products for dental applications. These products are under the brand name of everStick. This technology was invented by Professor Pekka Vallittu in 1990's and it has been further developed in collaboration between Stick Tech Ltd and the University of Turku. Stick Tech's everStick fibre reinforcement composite technology is extensively researched and tested by academic professionals in numerous universities globally.

Stick Tech has gradually built up a distribution network in Europe and expanded its sales to other continents as well. everStick products are now sold in more than 40 countries to dentists and dental technicians. The most well known product is everStickC&B for replacing missing teeth.


Further information:
Stick Tech Ltd
CEO Jyrki Kurokallio
Mobile: +358 41 448 6446

GC Europe N.V.
Torsten Gilles
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Interleuvenlaan 33
3001 Leuven, Belgium
Tel.: +32 16 74 1100


Press release November 24th 2011