24.5. 2011 BioTurku®

Biotie announces topline data from an exploratory phase 2a study with SYN118

Biotie Therapies Corp., a development stage company focused on diseases of the central nervous system, today announced results from an exploratory phase 2a study of its HPPD inhibitor SYN118 in Parkinson's disease (PD). These data do not show a significant improvement in measures of PD motor function when compared to placebo. Biotie will consider development options for the compound and will announce further plans later in the year.

SYN118 is subject to an option agreement with UCB as part of a broader partnership. Biotie does not expect UCB to exercise its option to license the compound based on the now published data. The UCB collaboration also includes Biotie's novel adenosine A2a receptor antagonist, SYN115, which is in phase 2b development for PD targeting a mechanism of action different from that of SYN 118 and which has been shown to significantly modulate the off-time (time when Parkinson's patients  have rigidity and other associated problems) without an increase in dyskinesias.

"We are disappointed that this novel approach to treating Parkinson's patients at an advanced stage of the disease, where levodopa is no longer controlling symptoms, was not successful. However, today's results have no impact on the development of our lead PD product, SYN115, and our agreement with UCB around it. There remains a need for new medicines to treat PD that work through mechanisms different to those of existing drugs, and we remain committed to their development" said Timo Veromaa, President and CEO of Biotie Therapies.