18.10. 2010 BioTurku®

Biotie regains rights to develop PDE10 inhibitors

Biotie Therapies, a drug discovery and development company based in Turku, Finland, announced on Friday October, 15, that it will regain rights to compounds relating to PDE10 inhibition for the treatment of CNS disorders, including schizophrenia.

The compounds were the subject of a four-year collaboration, which was launched in 2006 with Wyeth and continued with Pfizer after it had acquired Wyeth for itself in 2009. The collaboration has yielded several promising PDE10 inhibitors that have demonstrated activity in pre-clinical models of schizophrenia.

- We are excited about PDE10 as a novel target for the treatment of schizophrenia and other disorders of the central nervous system. We have had a succesful research collaboration with Wyeth, and then Pfizer, and together we have generated supportive data for this class. We are now in a position to pursue novel clinical candidates going forward, CEO of Biotie Therapies, Mr Timo Veromaa, commented.