21.12. 2011 Ict

CCC and Vaadin Ltd Partner to Offer Vaadin Open Source Expertise in Finland

"CCC Corporation has identified the potential of Vaadin technology and wants to strengthen its portfolio. Long co-operation with Vaadin was the basis to take partnership to the next level as we aim to optimize the sales and support.", Mr Teemu Lappi summarizes the Vaadin Solution Partnership.

CCC has integrated Vaadin into their Java EE framework.

"Choosing Vaadin over other UI toolkits was pretty easy. From a coder's point of view Vaadin is very simple as we only need to code in Java. Built-in components are versatile and the default themes offer a sleek design out of the box. Vaadin is not invasive as it allows one to use other UI technologies in the same application as well. We can also choose whether to run Vaadin applications in Servlet or Portlet environment with minimal configuration changes. This kind of openness is important to us since we develop large enterprise systems that usually integrate to different kind of legacy systems. Good documentation, active forums and fast support were also playing an important role.", says Ville Mattila, CCC's Java Architect.

Beautiful Web Applications More Easily

Vaadin is an open source web technology for developing Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). With much simpler development stack, Vaadin provides a beautiful desktop-like user experience on the web while the proven component architecture keeps application maintenance easy for years to come. Based on Java EE technology stack Vaadin is very suitable for web-based variety of ERP applications.

The use of Vaadin framework has increased significantly during the last year and this also means growing demand for competent developers and companies supporting Vaadin as a part of their development stack. With CCC we can now do just that and rely on their skills and competence.", tells Sami Ekblad from Vaadin.

About Vaadin Ltd.
Vaadin Ltd is a Turku located company behind the open source Vaadin Framework, used by thousands of professional developers in more than 160 countries to build high-quality web interfaces for businesses.