9.5. 2012 Kuukauden kasvo

Aiming at new services and customer satisfaction

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Turku Technology Properties Ltd got started when a decision was made in 2010 to transfer the properties administered by large institutions and property investors into a new company focusing on real property. That allowed Turku Science Park Ltd to focus its resources on business development, while Turku Technology Properties Ltd specialises in offering premises.

Owned by the City of Turku, Turun Seudun Osuuspankki bank, Veritas Pension Insurance, Retro Life Assurance Company Ltd, Åbo Akademi University Endowment and Eschnerska Frilasarettet foundation, Turku Technology Properties Ltd has achieved a lot during its short history. It has continued to increase its holdings in determined fashion, but has also surveyed customer satisfaction in the local properties and started measures aimed at developing the services in the area.

Before taking over the duties of the Managing Director, Tomi Rimpi worked as a lawyer in Turun Seudun Osuuspankki bank, the second biggest shareholder of the property company.

"In the bank the Director of Finance asked if I could take responsibility for the legal preparation of a new property company, and I got pulled in. The new company was taking more and more of my working time, and finally I felt like I was working in two separate posts, doing preparations for Technology Properties and other projects as a lawyer. I had to choose one of them to focus on and I felt that I wanted to see the outcome of the preparations made for Technology Properties."

Managing Director with enterprising spirit

Mr Rimpi was born in Nummenpakka district in Turku, went to Puolala school, Aurajoen lukio upper secondary school and graduated from the University of Turku. After completing legal studies he underwent court training in the District Court of Vakka-Suomi. He has worked mostly in financing and business law.

"My current job resembles entrepreneurship quite a bit. When entrepreneurial spirit is expected in recruitment ads, I can see that those very characteristics are needed in this job. The goal is to make profitable and economically sound decisions", Mr Rimpi contemplates.

In what ways is the work different from what he expected when he started a little over a year ago?

"There are more legal aspects in the work than I expected. It's also been somewhat surprising how much things can change in a short time and result in major changes. For example, our recent contract on Turun Datakulma can take Turku Technology Properties in a wholly new direction. If a decision is made to start building a campus area for Turku University of Applied Sciences in the Datakulma site, it will be a big step forward for the area."

Located next to Datakulma is DataCity that was completed in 1988. Almost quarter of a century old, the building needs updating, and Technology Properties has commissioned plans for modernisation of its appearance from dSign Vertti Kivi & Co.

"The Board of Technology Properties is now examining the plans. The costs are challenging, but the ideas are good. I believe that the issue will be discussed during the summer and the modernisation will be implemented in two stages so that most of them will have been completed by the end of next year."

"One item of improvement is the DataCity façade on Lemminkäisenkatu street, especially at ground level. The appearance can be improved, for example, with new kind of lighting to bring out certain characteristics. Smokers will have to move to new places designated for them, further from the main entrances."

The goal is to improve the services

Mr Rimpi has lifted customer satisfaction as one important issue for follow-up and development. He wants to bring more services to the Turku Science Park area.

"I hope that we will find new service companies to the street-level business premises. The new residential buildings constructed by Auratum and Sato are a welcome addition and will hopefully help to attract new service providers to the area."

"It would be good to have a new restaurant that would also be open in the evening, a laundry and a specialist in telecommunication services. We are having discussions on re-opening a grocery shop, and bringing back a post office, in some form, is being examined."

Mr Rimpi tells that there are plans to build an information system in the area. Starting from arrival at the Kupittaa railway station, those moving in the area could receive information about the local companies, addresses and services through new media boards. He says that these and other issues concerning the development of the area are being discussed with the owners of the neighbouring buildings.

One of the new, already implemented services is the sauna for hire built by Technology Properties in DataCity. SaunaCity will be equipped with a video conferencing system. The easy-to-move system can be used simultaneously in several of the large conference rooms in the area, thus enabling an audience of 700 people in the Turku Science Park area.

Holiday plans focus on sailing

Currently Tomi Rimpi lives in Raisio. His leisure activities include tennis and gym. His wife works as a teacher and they have two children at school age. Sailing is a hobby of the whole family.

"We spend our summer holidays mostly at sea. Sailing comes from my father for whom it's a dear leisure activity. This summer I'd like to head to Sweden, the Stockholm archipelago. And I think that our deck hands Meeri and Niklas are still up for it", Mr Rimpi says.

Rimpi_Tomi_475px_07052012 (rimpi_tomi_475px_07052012_43gz.jpg)

Turku Technology Properties Ltd is looking to attract new services to Turku Science Park under management of Tomi Rimpi. A grocery shop, computer shop, restaurant and post office are at the top of the wish list.