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Is the competitiveness of the European Medical Biotechnology MSc education programs good enough?

EU FP7 ERASMUS research program is a project about the cooperation development between academy and the industry in order to enhance teaching programs and create an EU level recommendation to meet industry needs and a more successful commercial use of medical biotechnology skills.

The aim of the EU FP7 ERASMUS research program is to create a full review of the needs of the most important Finnish companies in terms of the skills of employees in medical biotechnology. In addition, in this work we will evaluate the Finnish biotechnology education system, and create a national and EU level recommendation how to improve the education programmes to meet industry needs.

Further aim of the program is to develop cooperation between academy and the industrial partners to enhance teaching programs to a more successful commercial use of medical biotechnology skills.

ERASMUS project (led by University of Pecs, Hungary) partners are European Biotechnology Foundation, Brussels; Personmed Finland Ltd., Finland; Sanofi Aventis - Pro Scientia, Hungary. You can find further information at: www.medbiotech.aok.pte.hu/erasmus

Program is interested in to hear your opinion. By filling out this questionnaire you are providing valuable information for the study: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ERASMUS_I

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