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22.4. 2015 ICT Turku

Turku Game Day

Joukahaisenkatu 3, ICT-City

Turku Game Day meets an annual meeting for Finnish game scholars 

Welcome to the jungle! Two days of full action and great news about game industry! Limited space at workshops so be quick!

Register here by 19th of April:


Wednesday 22.4.

9:00                    Presented by Epic Games:
                           Unreal Engine 4 Workshop (for game
11:00                  Presented by Epic Games:
                           Unreal Engine 4 general presentation (all
12:00                  Lunch break
13:00                  Presented by Microsoft:
                           Load testing for game developers
16:00                  End of day 1

Thursday 23.4.

Pelitutkimuksen päivä (ICT-City, Alpha)
10:00                 Coffee
10:15                 Keynote: Jouni Smed, University of Turku:
                          Pelit, tutkimus ja pelitutkimus (in Finnish!)
10:45                 Break and poster presentations
11:15                 Panel Discussion
                          hosted by prof. Jaakko Suominen,
                          University of Turku (In Finnish!)
12:00                 Lunch break

Turku Game Day (ICT-City, Alpha)
13:00                 Keynote: CEO Teemu Närhi, Fingersoft
14:00                 Turku Game Studio Presentations:

                          FakeFish: On a mission to bring
                          cultural heritage to the game

                          Team Hammerspace:
                          Atomic Super Lander

15:00                 Coffee and poster presentations
                          Sponsored by Microsoft
15:30                 Award ceremony for best
                          game research theses (in Finnish)
16:30                 End of Day 2

17 ->                  IGDA Finland Turku Hub Gathering,
                          Sponsored by Epic Games

                          Epic UE4 presentation